Sales Department/Kani Factory

4-2 Himegaoka, Kani City, Gifu Prefecture
TEL:0574-60-0810 FAX:0574-63-4871

Access Map

Head Office/Konan Factory

234 Koori Hommachi Sakae, Konan City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL:0587-54-3222 FAX:0587-55-9114

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What's New

  • Humidifiers donated to local schools via Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank's "OKB Local Support Private Bonds (Hakushukassai)"

  • Installed Drop Prevention Measures on Crane for BCP.

  • Updated ISO14001:2015 Certification.

  • Modified Slitter #8 to Support Thickness 13.2mm Sheets for BCP.

  • Updated ISO9001:2015 Certification.

  • Gifu Shimbun Covered Kyouei Kouzai's Kani Factory in "Reporter Explores Factory" Segment.